Higher Productivity - Better Quality

Our fleet of trucks operates night and day to serve farmers

We build our own equipment trailers and flatbeds. The newest trucks sport all-aluminum flatbeds with a laser-cut "bee" design on the front.

Harvey's Honey is well known for quality pollination. We can honestly claim to pollinate nearly the entire eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida and in recent years, Harvey's bees have been pollinating in California as well!

About a third of our food supply depends on pollination and this can only be accomplished by honeybees. Other insects may contribute to pollination, but only the honeybee concentrates on one type of blossom at a time.

Due to the widespread practice of monoculture, bees must be transported to fields needing pollination. To assure an effective and thorough pollination of crops, and to ascertain the type of honey produced, hives are emptied between moves.

Bee colonies must also be kept healthy and strong. Protective measures are necessary to prevent disease and combat harmful insects which can threaten the health of the colony.