Route 40, America's oldest transcontinental highway

Harvey's Honey is located on Route 40 in southern New Jersey. Also called the Harding Highway, Route 40 is the oldest transcontinental highway in the USA, connecting Atlantic City to San Francisco. We are about half an hour from the Delaware Memorial Twin Bridges and five miles east of Woodstown.


The 1926 incorporation of Route 40 was a compilation of several older highways, most notably the National Road and the Victory Highway. The National Road was created in 1806 by an act of Congress to serve as the first Federally funded highway. When completed it connected Cumberland, Maryland, with Vandalia, Illinois. The Victory Highway was designated as a memorial to World War I veterans (1921) and ran from Kansas City, Missouri to San Francisco. Other important roads that became part of US 40 include Zane's Trace in Ohio, Braddock Road in Maryland and Pennsylvania, part of the Oregon Trail in Kansas, and the Lincoln Highway.

While the Lincoln Highway has one name and many numbers, Route 40 has one number and many names! Route 40 is sometimes known as The Harding Highway  but stretches of the highway also have other names. From Elmer to Woodstown it is called Chestnut Street, so a GPS may give this as the address for Harvey's Honey.

The termini of Route 40 were originally San Francisco and Atlantic City, but the western end has been trunciated several times, and Route 40 now ends at Interstate 80 just outside of Park City, Utah. From New Jersey to Utah, the highway passes through 12 states.

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